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While Mesri is a free man in his own country, Kim pointed out that the FBI decided to go public with this information after they concluded that it was unlikely they were going to lure him out into the open.“[Mesri] will never be able to travel outside of Iran without fear of being arrested and brought here to face these charges,” Kim said.Indeed, it has been argued that the earliest Indo-Aryan as represented in Vedic texts is tantamount to Proto-Indo-European.The issue is complex, and evidence that could be absolutely probative is largely lacking—there is no archaeological evidence that definitively establishes a migration of Indo-Aryans into the subcontinent, but there is equally no definitive archaeological evidence of Iranians and other Indo-European groups having emigrated from the subcontinent.Also awaiting further research is the identification of the Harappan peoples of the Indus Valley and other sites in the subcontinent, whose writing has not yet been satisfactorily deciphered despite decades of effort.A definitive solution to this problem could possibly answer the question of whether Indo-Aryans encountered these people or whether Harappan civilization had passed by the time the Indo-Aryans arrived on the subcontinent, although scholars now generally agree that the Indus Valley civilization’s decline was not due to any Indo-Aryan invasion.

The above scenario assumes that the Indo-Aryans migrated into the Indian subcontinent. There are scholars, both Indian and non-Indian, who maintain that the Indo-Aryans originated in the subcontinent, whence they emigrated.Speakers of modern Iranian languages number between 150 and 200 million; Persian, Pashto, and Kurdish are the most widely spoken of these languages.Speakers of modern Indo-Aryan languages number more than 800 million persons; Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, and Urdu are the most widely spoken of these languages.This past summer, an unidentified someone or someones hacked into HBO, stole tons of data, released episodes of select shows, and demanded HBO pay him a ransom lest he release more. The guilty party is Behzad Mesri, an Iranian man who once worked for Iran’s military mounting cyber attacks on the government of Israel, according to an indictment filed Tuesday in the U. Mesri, who goes by the online name of Skote Vahshat, used HBO user accounts to access its servers, which gave him the ability to steal several episodes of shows like season 7. (Check out his Wanted poster.) According to NBC News, the indictment doesn’t charge Mesri with working for the Iranian military when he carried out the attacks on HBO. Kim’s use of lingo, I find it hard to keep a straight face when a person of authority uses a fantasy genre slogan to threaten a hacker half a world away.

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