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It does seem though that every time we seem to be making so much progress... Life is tough sometimes though so let's try not looking down at someone unless we intend on helping them up. Texas, Florida, India and Mexico with all the natural disasters going on.

sometimes it's like two steps forward, one step back. To some others, my husband is an Irishman who battles alcoholism and depression and drank between jobs to try to cope with the sadness of this news. He is safe and with his sober living companion and bodyguard to get into a detox closer to home since he was denied hospital help twice in Ireland because of an already two month wait period. We are both so sensitive and the past couple of weeks have been so ouch in our hearts for all humans and animals affected.

And although it’s certainly becoming less of a taboo, finding a group of men discussing it in detail is, frankly, quite hard to imagine.

his week, Mara Lane, wife of actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, has shared on social media news of her miscarriage, and how the loss of what would have been the couple’s second child had caused him to relapse.

Whether or not a dad or dad-to-be has previously struggled with his mental health or even spent time in rehab - should we be paying more attention to the male experience of baby loss, and raising awareness that, regardless of their background, men, just like women, can feel a huge range of emotions in response, and may need time to grieve?

During the pregnancy, the body is in a fragile state.“It is important to recognise that just because a man does not talk about the loss, or has no outward display of emotion, they can be suffering just as deeply as their partner.The Mariposa Trust support over 50,000 people a week, and it surprises many that this is made up of around 30 per cent men.” ome men, it seems, are seeking support, but many are not, feeling that their grief is somehow inappropriate.“The child was very very much wanted,” she wrote in an Instagram post.Her husband "took the news particularly not so well", and together the couple were "still working with coping skills […] when life throws us curveballs such as these”.

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Rhys Meyers, she said, has a history of depression and alcoholism, and “drank […] to try to cope with the sadness of this news”.

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