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The Hotline may be reached toll-free by phone from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U. The Next Step Counseling and Training in Brookline, Massachusetts. A primary focus of the work at The Next Step is adult male recovery from the effects of sexual child abuse and other trauma. Wynn, Metropolitan Police Department, Nashville, speaks eloquently of his own history and of the work the Nashville Police in addressing issues of domestic violence in their community. The Blue Room : Trauma and Testimony Among Refugee Women: A Psycho-Social Exploration - narrative accounts and insightful analysis of refugee women's experiences. A quote from the National Council of Teachers of English website (NCTE is the book's publisher), by its editors: "Children who survive . Other chapters in the text cover a range of issues relevant to violence, including analyses of trauma, race, class, gender, the tragedy of Hedda Nussbaum and her family, incest, and gynocide in Montréal. Contrasts penalities for 'stranger' violence and those for domestic abuse. Carpe Diem: The Arts and School Restructuring by Maxine Greene, from Teachers College Record, (summer 1994) in which Greene speaks to the way in which encounters with works of art or aesthetic enactments release the imagination; how being present to engagement with art opens possibilities and "opens us to vision of the possible rather than the predictable.." Greene's use of the concepts of presence and engagement in the context of arts education are also worth considering in terms of abuse, learning and healing....

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