Debbie travis updating cabinets

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Debbie travis updating cabinets

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that nature always wears the colours of the spirit.

But your home should wear the colours of the moment, most interior designers will tell you.

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“It can instantly liven up a room and make a big difference in the overall feel of that interior,” Fenimore says.

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“This is a classic, yet vibrant and confident red that’s saturated and conveys definite strength,” Andrea Magno, the Montvale, N. “This is a great charcoal with a slight blue undertone, reminiscent of dark clouds on a stormy day.

J.-based colour/design expert for Benjamin Moore, says. This light grey “showcases the vitality and innovation of tech culture and was inspired by today’s digital landscape. This tranquil shade of spruce blue, lush green and soft grey serves as a grounding neutral for a living room or bedroom. It can be a deep, dramatic colour in a living or dining room, or it can be great on trim or cabinetry,” notes Magno.

Läs mer, inklusive om tillgängliga kontrollfunktioner: Policy för cookies Travis and Steve are class acts, they do awesome work and have great ideas! Travis kept our time line and made sure to discuss any unforeseen costs on all of the projects we have done thus far!

He is now onto making our oasis a bit more inviting, by redoing our decks!

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My husband is a perfectionist and was pleased with Travis's workmanship from day one. We had four people come out to take down a bank of cabinets in our kitchen and build one to match. Great work and great communication is so important. He helped us shape our idea and made our basement look terrific, while keeping our costs within our budget.

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