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Professor Eoin Mac Neill is seen unveiling a tablet on the building. Members of Clann na Poblachta: Sean Mac Bride, its leader, Noel Browne, and Noel Hartnett speak to camera highlighting dole queues, emigration, food shortages, and the incidence of tuberculosis. having dressed, they raise a flag on the encampment. Troop of scouts ride to a chapel on bicycles; two scouts open gate and they ride through. A second title, COILLEOLAS, precedes a sequence showing the boys searching out, and then chopping, tree branches; they carry the branches back to the encampment. The boys work and swim in the water until finally the structure collapses. a montage sequence showing the boys stripping, diving and swimming in the lake. a sequence showing the boys playing various games at the encampment. The School of Film Technique continued until circa 1949. The rally celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the Gaelic League which was founded in the Broadway Soda Fountain in OConnell Street. The film draws attention to the fact that despite being in power since 1932, Fianna Fail has failed to relieve poverty or remove Dublin's tenements.Clann na Poblachta: The political party Clann na Poblachta was established in July 1946 as a radical alternative to the Fianna Fail party, which at that point had been in office continuously since early 1932.Like Fianna Fail at the time of its establishment in 1927, the Clann was closely connected with the clandestine IRA. Features images of Gaelic League Rally in Dublin City Centre, Harpist Margaret OLeary, and the Youghal Gaeltacht. Collected amateur footage shot silently and in colour by Liam OLeary on Kodak 16mm stock.The sub-text or implicit answer as far as the Clann was concerned was 'nothing, from the point of view of economic and social advance and the betterment of the nation'.The party's judgement was that this also was the considered view of a substantial proportion of the electorate.

The party's campaign was highly imaginative - a sign of things to come.The sentiment at the end, expressed by Sean Mac Bride TD, is also anti-Communist.This film has been described as the first "political documenary" shot in modern Ireland.Ireland after WWII: Ireland in the late 1940s was in a sorry state.In addition to the privations of war - the siege economy of the WWII years - there was long term structural decline: declining population, massive emigration, stagnant production, rampant disease and a growing problem with poor housing.

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It can be seen as a cinematic precursor to television's Party Political Broadcast (PPB).

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