Updating data in a linked table is not www best dating

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Short version, in my opinion it should work, but.....I'm not sure I have enough detail to help, but I suspect that the linked Excel table doesn't really have a primary key as far as Access is concerned.I just need to make sure everything stays together, I'm not picky about how that's done. I have an Excel table that I use to update a JMP data table 2-3 times per week.

Import your Excel worksheet into a temporary table, and set a primary key on the ID field of that table. The exploration I did this morning: Access has the SPL connected tables. I used a ID number that exists in the Access dbase and one outside the existing numbers. I made the update query and the fields were updated. 2) I now used a excel sheet that has been generated through SP.What I don't understand however is when copying all cell in Excel, and paste as values in a new Excel sheet it behaves different than for the case I just make a new spreadsheet and enter the data manual (case 1).I know,long answer, but perhaps somebody recognizes the problem/error or has a solution.I like to update an access 2013 table with data from excel. An older similar post is available, but was too old to reply. Since not every customer has sharepoint access we use excel as the medium to request and provide data. The SPL list itself is the main data source, however for updating and manipulating the list I find Access much easier.

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To confirm that is the case, you would need to select what Excel things is the complete set of data in that worksheet, and inspect it to see if there are empty rows at the bottom or within the data.

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